A neuropsychological evaluation is approximately 6 hours of testing conducted in either one full day from 9:00-4:00 with an hour lunch break, or two 3-hour sessions conducted on two separate days. Dr. Stefani will meet with parent(s) for a one-hour diagnostic interview to discuss the child’s history and current functioning levels to best prepare for the full evaluation.

The testing is conducted at a table and does not require any invasive procedures or scans. We typically use booklets and computer tasks as well as work one-on-one with your child throughout the day. A typical neuropsychological evaluation measures general intellect, achievement skills, executive functioning skills, attention/concentration, memory, learning, auditory and visual processing skills, processing speed, verbal abilities, social skills, and behavioral and emotional functioning.

Prior to the appointment we will send questionnaires for the parent, teacher, and child to complete in order to get a report of behavior, emotional, learning, and cognitive issues.

If it is considered beneficial, we can conduct an optional school observation to see the child’s behavior in their typical educational setting among their peers.

Two weeks after the testing evaluation is completed, Dr. Stefani will meet with the family to discuss the results and a report will be sent out within two weeks of this session.

Please keep in mind that we carefully conduct a clinical phone intake at the time of scheduling to determine if this appointment is appropriate at that time or if there may be a more appropriate initial referral such as psychiatry, occupational therapy, or speech therapy to name a few.