Where do I begin? How do I begin?
What do I need to begin? When should I begin?

And the big question: How do I know when I’m finished?

Using executive function skills is a must for all who want to progress through their day in as productive and functional of a manner as possible. Executive functions are processes that involve cognition, emotions and behavior. These include organization, planning, emotional regulation, time management and decision making to name a few.

It can be a struggle for anyone to juggle all the tasks to get through a typical day, but when you throw in a medical, mental health or social communication diagnoses or a learning disability it can feel overwhelming.

In our practice, we take a holistic approach.

When evaluating a child or young adult, we discuss strengths and weaknesses based on multiple sources of information including neuropsychological testing, school observation, school records, and family history we conduct through consultations with the patient, family members, teachers, doctors, and therapists. Our executive functioning services specially focus on developing a comprehensive view of
how someone thinks, learns, and remembers in regard to processing speed, working memory, in addition to verbal and non-verbal functioning.

Our network of specialists is also available to help facilitate specific needs of all our patients.

No referral is necessary. To easily schedule an initial consultation or just to speak to a specialist please contact us by clicking here or by calling 630-590-5287.